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About Us
Our philosophy is that everyone can learn to dance or do a cartwheel or get in shape.  The keys are proper instruction and the willingness to put in the hard work and dedication it takes to become good at something.  Even though we are a primarily a recreational studio, that does not mean we don't demand hard work and dedication. 

At the same time, we seek to nurture artistic and creative excellence in ourselves, our teachers and our students.  Our goal is to stike a balance between mind, body and spirit that can be carried throughout our lives.

Call for an appointment.  Or just drop in during class hours..  We would be happy to meet you and show you what we can offer.
Our Instructors
Javier Freire ~ Instructor for gymnastics and fitness

Shaina Beasley ~ Instructor for gymnastics and cheer

William Lopez ~ Instructor for break-dance

Davin McLeod ~ Instructor for Soca and martial arts

Stacey Hausman ~ Instructor for gymnastics
Andrea Morton ~ Director & Instructor for ballet, jazz & acrodance

Alexa Rennie ~ Instructor for gymnastics and acrodance

Dana Nevins ~ Instructor for hip-hop and street jazz
                         See Dana's choreography on her google site

Coach Tom
I am the owner of Dancing Plus Gymnastics as well as Freeport Fitness Solutions.  I am also a personal trainer and teach boxing and strength training.  I have had a passion for fitness my whole life and I am excited about being able to use my knowledge and training to get others in shape and committed to their own fitness health.

Jessica Salvesen ~ Instructor for lyrical and little ballerinas
                                 Company dancer in Praevado Dance Collective
Jodi Salvesen ~ Instructor for tap, jazz and tumbling tots
                            Company dancer in Praevado Dance Collective

When I bought Dancing Plus many years ago, it was a small ballet and gymnastics business with one studio.  Now we have expanded to three studios in a larger location.  In addition, we have added many new classes to our offerings, including acrodance and contortion, as well as adding adult classes.

Feel free to stop by.  We would love to show you around.
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